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Choosing quality tempered glass screen protector is very important to save your phone dispaly from scratches or damages.The Mobile Phone Guard is one company that offers the best tempered glass suitable for all models of the mobile phones. This tempered glass screen protector company is one of the largest manufacturer of tempered glass offering the product in a range of collection like tempered glass in anti-blue ray, anti-glare, ultra-clear, mirror finish, anti-finger print and also privacy tempered glass screen protector assuring best quality and international standards in the manufacturing of their products. You can find the tempered glass screen protector supplier offering these products in mass production based on the mobile design and new models being launched into the market. All the tempered glass products undergo strict quality control norms like the transmitting testing where the raw material and glue would be up to 97 and shall also be tested for anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch by adding a strong oleophobic coating to the tempered glass. The water droplets testing is also done to check the roundness of the water drops for better quality of the oleophobic coating and also ball drop testing to test the hardness of the tempered glass screen to offer best quality products to the customers.
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The tempered glass screen protector supplier regularly keeps in touch with the mobile companies to know the latest model designs so that they can come up with the best screen protector tempered glass before the product is being launched into the market. The company offer their products customised for iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and many more so that the end users can buy their mobile and also the tempered glass screen protector on the same day so that they need not worry about scratches or damages to the display screen anymore. The tempered screen protectors also come up with many more features like high transparency and ultra-clear to enhance the HD visual experience of the mobile display, bubble free, washable and reusable and also dust free. The glass is tempered minimum 4 hours to reach 9H and only high quality Japan glass is used for the product. The tempered glass also comes up with anti-scratch, hydrophobic treatment and oleophobic coating to protect the mobile display. The tempered screen protector is also shatter proof and comes with 2.5D edge not to hurt your fingers.
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The company also offer free sample and design for packaging welcoming both ODM and OEM to avail their products offered in the best price and quality.